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On-campus Dormitory

Live 20 steps away from everything

Is dormitory for me?

SPC Cairns offers shared rooms equipped with air-conditioner, Wi-Fi and fridge. 

Each student has their own hanging space, shelves, desk, lights and power plugs to make sure everyone has a place for everything. 

Because of our English Only Policy, we request students to speak only English while staying at our dormitory. To make this challenge a little but easier, we do provide nationality mixed rooms in order to ensure English is the only option in the room for people to communicate.

Dormitory students do not have to worry about money for transport, grocery shopping or cooking, they live about 20 steps away from everything.

SPC has a team responsible for the daily cleaning of all the common areas, such as toilets, shower rooms, pathways, classrooms etc and we also provide cleaning equipment such as vacuum cleaner for students to take care of their rooms.

It is important to remember SPC is a students accommodation, which means we do encourage students to have their meals on time and attend classes. Our campus is equipped with a "lights out system" and our staff members run a lock-up routine every day to make sure everybody is fully awake for class.

SPC Cairns has lots of well-being and sports facilities, such as a jacuzzi, swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, gym, outdoor resting areas and they are free for students to use. They are open from 7am to 9pm 7 days per week.


English Only 24/7

Nationality mixed rooms

All meals included

Free evening classes

Weekend activities

On-campus support

Safe neighbourhood

Only for SPC students

Use of sports facilities until 9pm

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individual spaces
4 share room
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