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SPC Methodology

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Support for studies

We understand how daunting it can be to leave home and move overseas to an English Only environment. Therefore, we provide support to students regarding every aspect of the stay.

"I liked the SPC journal system. We had to write our journal everyday, and it really helped my writing skills. Teachers always gave me comments on it. This was the best way to share my feelings and my moods with my teachers."
Chao-Jung TSENG (Taiwan)

SPC Journal

In order to monitor students' motivation and awareness of their efforts, it is required that students complete one journal entry each day which is read by their teachers. Our journal is a great part of what we believe in as education providers.

Extracurricular Reading Material

Reading is a great strategy to acquire new vocabulary in English. Therefore, SPC students have graded readers according to their levels and they are asked to complete minimum one book a week.

After class Consultation Hour

For those who need orientation and/or guidance doing homework or have questions about the content seen in the classes, SPC offers a FREE consultation hour with teachers every afternoon.

Evening class

Students staying in the SPC on-campus dormitory (SPC Cairns only) can join our FREE Evening Class from Monday to Thursday and bond with students from other levels. This offers 6 extra hours to students per week.


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