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Great way to work on your "Aussie English"

Is homestay for me?

SPC Brisbane and SPC Cairns offer single placement with Australian families. This is probably the best way to experience the culture and see beyond the tourist trail.

All host-families are recruited and managed by SPC. They all provide a single room, bedding, sheets, pillow, blanket, clothes storage with a study desk, chair and lamp for students in order to ensure they are comfortable and have privacy.

SPC does not allow to students from the same nationality to be placed with one homestay family, which means you will have lots of opportunities to practice your English skills.

Families and students are matched according to the information provided on the application form, so the more you tell us about you, the better. Let us know if you like children and if you have any kind of health condition, such as pet allergy or anything we should be aware of.

If you have a problem with your host-family, you should first start by talking to them about what is worrying you, it might be a simple misunderstanding. They will be kind and understanding about your question.

If you still have the same trouble, SPC offers Academic Counselling and you can come see us at the reception to talk about your concerns. 

If it is an emergency, remember SPC has a 24h mobile emergency number.


Family atmosphere

Single room with all meals

Develop your "Australian English"

Accommodation counselling

See beyond the tourist trail

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