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Before you arrive

Don't worry, mate! Just follow these tips and you will be just fine!

What do you have to know?

Australia is a very diverse country, so make sure you read up about the topic before jumping on this adventure of studying abroad.

Look at the following and start packing!

There's so much more to getting by in Australia than knowing how to cope with the heat and how to barbecue stuff properly.

Do you need a visa?

Australia offers different types of visas to different nationalities, therefore you should always contact an agent or go through the Australian Department of Immigration website.

Do you need health insurance?

For students applying for Student Visa in Australia, the purchase of specific health insurance is compulsory, but it is also important considering buying one even under other visas. Ask us for further information.

10 things you didn't know about Australia!

Where should you go?

There are a lot of different kinds of places in Australia for you to choose from on your study abroad trip. Do you prefer city or rural? Do you want to spend all your free time at the beach or do you prefer getting out into “the bush”? Certain areas may be better for you depending on what you study. Research wisely about the lifestyle of your destination, main attractions and the weather!

Remember Australia is a very big country and you can find all kinds of climates. While Cairns barely has winter, Brisbane can reach about 11 degrees over the cold season.

Think about what makes you happy, a good balance of temperature throughout the year or a "forever summer" life.

Understand Australian football

Sport is life!

Australians are absolutely mad about sports; all sports, any sports, regardless of whether they are played in Australia or not. Football, cricket and soccer games regularly draw crowds upwards of 40,000 people, with the biggest events pulling closer to 100,000 attendees.

It is also common for Aussies to stay up extremely late at night watching sporting fixtures taking place on the other side of the world. Not surprisingly, sports men and women are treated as gods down here, regularly taking home honours such as Australian of the Year.

Pack accordingly!

How to pack your suitcase wisely!

Be careful when thinking Australia is a tropical country! At the same time that the average temperature in Cairns is 25 degrees even over winter time, other places have the possibility of getting snow during the winter. 

It is important that you pack accordingly and wisely, do not carry much with you and the reason you will find next!


Australia is a very famous road-trip destination and many people take the chance to drive a car or a campervan around the country to make sure they can visit as many places as possible. Look for good deals and enjoy!!

Round trip around Australia

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